An addendum

Stoic and I finally settled on a road trip for our vacation. Tomorrow we will be driving up to Astoria, staying the night, and then taking Friday and Saturday to drive down Oregon’s highway 101, and coming back Sunday. And I’m excited to go, because not only is it a break from the kids, but HOTEL SEX! WOOT!

(Oh, and the change in scenery as well as the beauty of the Oregon Coast is a plus, also.)

In order to pack, I needed to iron a pair of jeans. Yes, that sounds ridiculous, but I assure you it’s actually necessary and not my neurotic showing. My washer is awesome and I love it, but it has this awful tendency to crease the hell out of my clothes. My iron and I don’t get along and my steamer and I have been in a few arguments, so I will take whatever steps to avoid it I can, even if it means smacking the crap out of my clothes before throwing them in the dryer on refresh 5 times.

Ahhhh, energy efficiency.

So I lay my jeans on the ironing board with my nemesis in hand. Lo and behold, what do I find?


Those circles are glitter, and all the arrows are pointing to all the different directions you can find glitter on my jeans.

So EVEN THOUGH I line dried the shirt, and EVEN THOUGH I shook out all the clothes before I put them in the dryer, and EVEN THOUGH I shook them out when I folded them I STILL HAD GLITTER ON MY JEANS.

All thanks to this shirt:

This little bastard is the culprit.

To exact my revenge, I took it outside and beat it to get rid of the loose glitter. Instead, I succeeded in making it look like Tinkerbell took a shit on my front porch.

There is now a glitter shirt embargo placed on this house.

About That One Girl

I do a bang up job of pretending to be a stay at home wife and mother. I also pretend to be a writer with my blog A Center in the Insanity. (, go check it out!)

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  1. But it’s so pretty!

    *ducks and runs*

  2. Glitter is worse than dog hair! Good luck.. it’s going to haunt you FOREVER!

  3. Instead, I succeeded in making it look like Tinkerbell took a shit on my front porch.

    Thank you. I needed a laugh.

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